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PetMedic Antiseptic Pet Wipes (80 Wipes)

PetMedic Antiseptic Pet Wipes (80 Wipes)

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Introducing PetMedic Antiseptic Pet Wipes, the perfect solution for promoting skin recovery in pets! These wipes are 100% safe and effectively kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, aiding in wound recovery and treating common skin diseases. Keep your furry friend healthy and happy with PetMedic.

Why It's Good For Your Pets

• Multipurpose daily cleaning & sanitizing pet wipes
• Promotes skin recovery from common skin diseases like:
‣ Itchiness
‣ Inflammation
‣ Fungus infection
‣ Wound infection/wound cleaning
‣ Allergic reaction
‣ Ringworm
‣ Pimples/acne
‣ Inflammation
‣ Red spots/dark spots
‣ Incessantly grooming toes
‣ Bald spots
• Kills 99.9% viruses & bacteria effectively
• Soothe & moisturize skin
• Prevents skin infections
• Anti-bacterial and anti-viral
• 100% safe for pets
• Contains safe antiseptic concentration levels
• Fragrance & alcohol free
• Suitable for all ages & breeds


Deionized water, Chlorhexidine Digluconate (Surgical grade), Solubilizer (Cosmetic grade)

How to Use

Wipe pet's body thoroughly to sanitize. For skin issue, wipe the affected area 3-4 times a day. No rinsing required.

Warnings & Cautions

Avoid contact with eyes

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Pet Antiseptic Wipes

Lovely product. My dog is very prone to skin allergies and often have skin issues easily. He has been suffering for quite some time and consulted the vet several times and prescribed with meds which is something we would like to avoid. Tried several vitamins but it still did not help my dog. Saw this product and instantly hooked - wanted to try and in hopes that it will be the right product and the solution to my dog. Thankfully, it seems to be working! Purchased another 2 packet from shopee so that it becomes a long term solution rather than having my dog to pop on pills all the time. My dog seem to enjoy being wiped with these wipes as well. His skin tends to get very red with skin issues, I would use it to wipe it and the next day the redness reduce alongside with the itchiness. Hope this is really the solution to it. Wish me luck! Thank you PetMedic :D

Jane Chua

PetMedic Antiseptic Pet Wipes are fantastic! They leave my pets smelling fresh and feeling clean. The gentle formula is perfect for sensitive skin, and they're super convenient for quick clean-ups between baths. I highly recommend them!

Olivia Tan

Nice to use.