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PetMedic Reviews

    PetMedic Paw Spray Sanitizer

    This has been my most trusted spray for my dogs and been using them since June. My husky has a very bad hot spot with his fur falling off. Only his skin can be seen. He has been biting and scratching so bad there's pus in his wound. I used this spray to clean him everyday and now his skin has healed beautifully and his fur is growing back!
    GoodLife DMG Immune Booster

    A real investment. My cat stopped sneezing upon taking this for a week and is much better. She usually has fever every now and then, now she doesn't. Good product.

    Antiseptic Pet Wipes


    Useful for my kid’s daily walks, as he is sensitive to pollens or whatever irritants out there that causes rash sometimes, this wipes has been helpful. I no longer need to wash and dry his paws every time now 👍