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Pet Antiseptic Wipes

Lovely product. My dog is very prone to skin allergies and often have skin issues easily. He has been suffering for quite some time and consulted the vet several times and prescribed with meds which is something we would like to avoid. Tried several vitamins but it still did not help my dog. Saw this product and instantly hooked - wanted to try and in hopes that it will be the right product and the solution to my dog. Thankfully, it seems to be working! Purchased another 2 packet from shopee so that it becomes a long term solution rather than having my dog to pop on pills all the time. My dog seem to enjoy being wiped with these wipes as well. His skin tends to get very red with skin issues, I would use it to wipe it and the next day the redness reduce alongside with the itchiness. Hope this is really the solution to it. Wish me luck! Thank you PetMedic :D

PetMedic Antiseptic Pet Wipes are fantastic! They leave my pets smelling fresh and feeling clean. The gentle formula is perfect for sensitive skin, and they're super convenient for quick clean-ups between baths. I highly recommend them!

Safe for my dog when bring out.
I will spray before bring my dog out.

Works wonders on my hamster

My hamster Donut has been suffering from serious skin diseases and his fur were all gone. He kept biting himself and his whole body is red. I used this spray on him daily for two weeks and it works wonders! He has regrown his fur and the biting and scratching has been significantly reduced. I really recommend it even for hamsters!

Fur regrown and stopped biting

My cat has been suffering from flea allergy and is constantly biting/grooming herself to alleviate the itch although the flea has been eradicated. As a result, most of her fur is "botak". Medication such as anti histamine, prednisolone didn't work. I finally started using the 500ml pet paw spray around the "bald" area and she has stopped biting/over grooming herself and alhamdulillah, the fur has grown back! Thanks PetMedic 😘

No more limping

I've been looking for a (pork, chicken, beef free) joint supplement that my dog would take, and he is willing to take this one. Although it's not solely focused on joints, it seems to have helped him just after a couple of days. We haven't seen any limping right after he gets up from a nap since he started on DMG.

Improvements after 1 week

My shihtzu, Tyson had skin rash/scabs which highly likely came from insect/ant bites and we chanced upon PetMedic during PetExpo Penang 2023. Bought their products and used it on Tyson and his skin is much better now! We can slowly see improvements after 1 week of application. Thanks PetMedic!

Most Trusted Spray

This has been my most trusted spray for my dogs and been using them since June. My husky has a very bad hot spot with his fur falling off. Only his skin can be seen. He has been biting and scratching so bad their pus in his wound. I used this spray to clean him everyday and now his skin has healed beautifully and his fur is growing back.

Less scratching!

Ever since I have used PetMedic paw spray, my dogs paw isn't so red anymore. I find that using it helps my dog to not scratch as much after his outdoor walks.